Cover the potential risks during the building

What is construction insurance?

Whether building a commercial or residential property, there are a range of potential risks and it is important you’re aware of these risks and that you get the right cover to ensure you are protected. No matter the size of the project, we help clients manage their risk position.

What does it cover?

Public Liability – Provides protection against liabilities for injury to third parties or their property. This will ensure you are covered against any potential claims for damage to the person and/or their property.

Professional Indemnity – Our cover is designed for builders and contractors and helps ensure that key elements such as project materials and contractor tools are covered, not just on-site but between sites. Using our skill and experience, we identify potential areas of exposure, take a holistic approach to risk and design a bespoke insurance solution for you.

Contractors All Risk (C.A.R.) insurance protects against physical damage to works and site materials including: Consequential loss, Plant, Machinery & Tools, Goods and Materials in transit.

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