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What is strata insurance?

If you own a townhouse, unit, apartment or strata business and you’re sharing common space with others, you don’t want to be left to foot the bill if there’s damage to shared parts of the building or items. So, it’s important to help protect your property – and your back pocket – with the right strata insurance. Strata insurance can protect the building’s common areas or facilities, with the premiums paid for by the owners’ corporations.

What does it cover?

Strata insurance can cover the building and all common or shared property, and contents which belong to the owners’ corporation. The type of cover and its cost will depend on the kind of building, where it’s located and the amount of common property you share.

It may include:

  • Car parks

  • Ceilings

  • Common areas

  • Floors

  • Lifts

  • Shared contents, such as lawnmowers and washing machines

  • Swimming pool

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