Protection for farmers, farm workers, agricultural land and produce

What is farm insurance?

Cover to help safeguard your home, farm buildings, livestock, vehicles, equipment and against loss of income.

What does it cover?

Farm insurance can be tailored to cover your home and farm buildings, livestock, vehicles, equipment and more. It can also safeguard you against theft and loss of income.

For example, a typical Steadfast Farm Pack includes:

  • Protection for domestic property and belongings from insured events or accidental damage

  • Accidental damage and theft cover for farm assets, from silos and sheds, to tractors and utes

  • Cover against third-party claims for personal injury or property damage and legal costs

  • Accident and sickness cover, with regular payments to help keep your business running if you’re injured or fall ill

  • The potential to insure the value of your crops

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